Here is a list of confirmed Merchants. There is room for more if anyone should hear any inquiries. Please contact our Merchanting Steward for more information or if you wish to merchant: Amicia Sennet de Bruges here.

Barstow Community Football – Food Vendor.
Cole Enterprises – Baskets.
Dancing Dragon – Leather goods, feast gear, sterling and gold jewelry.
Dragonfly House – All varieties of garb and accessories for men, women and children.
Elder and Oak – incense, jewelry, clothes.
Hands of Mercy – Massage.
Silver Dragon – Daggers, swords, knives, chemises, skirts, belly dance supplies.
Steel and Strings – Hand forged tent stakes, portable holes, lantern hooks, etc. and tablet weave belts, trim, needlepoint accessories.
Serenity Henna – Henna painting.
Thyme Traveller – garb, jewelry and accessories.
Unicorn Fiber Arts – Fiber arts material.
TL Barnes – Trim.