There will be an open cooking area with various cooking pits, tools and working outdoor kitchen. During the day, there will be cooks demoing various period dishes and techniques Friday Noon to 3PM and Saturday Noon to 2PM. This will be a demo area where people can observe period cooking methods, ask questions, interact with each other and sample the fruits of the Caid cooks labor at the end of the day.

Please contact Magistra Claudia Prima for more information.

Food Tasting and Reception:

The sampling of the fruits of the Caid cooks’ labor will be at Friday 5PM – 6:30 PM and Saturday 5PM – 6:30PM (Any leftovers will be brought to the Revel on Saturday night.) They are each preparing “small bites” of all of their dishes, enough to feed everyone There will also be paper plates, etc., for the sampling, but feel free to bring your own plate to enhance your experience.

There will be no cost for the sampling, but a donation jar will be available if you’d like to donate. Any donations received will go back to the Kingdom to help recoup funds used to throw our 40th birthday party. There should be enough food to stave off hunger until after Court, when there will be more food at the Revel!