Gildehaus Platz: Artisan Village

Come and step back in time with us as we celebrate Caid’s artisans at the Gildehaus Platz: Artisans Village.  The historically inspired “town square” promises to be an immersive experience where participants can step back in time and enjoy what it may have been like to visit a guild house in period. Each “stall” will house a form of art or science where visitors can not only observe the process, but even participate and learn a new skill. Formal and informal classes, and learning experiences will be available in a variety of arts and sciences.

Here is a list of the stalls that will be in attendance:

Caid Arts & Sciences Display for HRM Her Majesty’s Arts Display: a work or craft which kindles memories of your first event
Alchemical Romance Herbcraft Perfumes, Skin Care, and (Really Bad) Medieval Remedies (Please Don’t Use Them…historic purposes only).
Bardic Hall Performance Arts Arts song swaps, bardic socializing and casual performance area (see schedule for specific happenings)
Caidan Dyeworks Dyeing Period dyes and techniques
Caidan Glassworks Glass Lampworking lampworking glass into beads
Caimbeul’s Historical Combat Salle Historical Combat Lessons and Demonstrations from the various European Fencing Masters of our Time.
Companye of St Luke’s Standard Painting Cloth printing, flag making, shield decorating.
Das Freie Fähnlein Clothing Tailoring, handsewing, and clothing creation
De Meda-cheese Cheesemaking Demos and tastings of period style cheeses.
Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts Fiber Arts Spinning, weaving, braiding, and all things string.
Gyldenforge Metalworking Pewter Casting, Bronze Casting, Iron-forging.
Right Noble Brewers Guild Brewing Brewing of soda, beer, mead, and syrups
Scriptorium Scribal arts
Scribal Arts is the art of illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy. It’s a great community to get involved in. You don’t need any supplies or art experience to get involved so come join us
Svetlitsa Embroidery A Russian place with an embroidery workshop.

Map of the Gildehaus Platz: Artisan Village here.

Room for stalls are still available.  If you are interested in coordinating a stall, please contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences: Adelheit Scwarzenkatze 

Arts & Sciences Display in honor of Her Royal Majesty: Located in the Gildehaus Platz: Artisan Village: Saturday 1-4. Please visit here for details.

Cooks Camp Area:

Period Cooking: There will be an open cooking area with various cooking pits, tools and working outdoor kitchen. During the day, there will be cooks demoing various period dishes and techniques, and they will will be feeding the populace on Friday and Saturday. This will be a demo area where people can observe period cooking methods, ask questions, interact with each other and sample the fruits of the Caid cooks labor at the end of the day.

Please contact Magistra Claudia Prima for more information.

Dayboard Competition:  Team competition, One dayboard display per team. Each team represents a branch – Barony, Shire, Canton – in Caid. Team may consist of up to 5 individuals Competition limited to the first 20 teams to register. Each dayboard must include the following elements: Presentation developed around a theme (period, locale, type of food, etc.).

One food from each of the following groups:
Fruit or vegetable
A food that would appeal to children
A pickled or fermented food
Up to 3 additional foods, one of which may be (but not required to be) warm or hot (by temperature, so not necessarily spicy)

Judging will be by 3 experienced SCA chefs, each of which will be from a Kingdom other than Caid. Judging will be based on Taste, Variety, Presentation, Originality and Period Documentation. Prizes will be awarded to the winning and runner-up teams
Foods may be prepared off-site. No need to put it all together on the day of the competition. A kitchen area will be available for warming and finishing entries

If you have any questions, please reach out to THL William Walworth de Durham for more details.