Good Gentles, Nobles, Artisans of every walk and station, you are invited to participate in Her Majesty’s Arts Display in Artisan Village [Gildehaus Platz] on Saturday at our Kingdom’s 40 Year Anniversary!

Please prepare a work or craft which kindles memories of your first event. Please provide a brief written description of the meaning and significance of your entry, and photos if possible from the event(s) referenced. Formal documentation is optional – please limit it to one page if you wish to submit it with your item and description. Artisans, please make yourselves available during the display to tell the tales to Her Majesty and retinue of your item and history. A Queen’s Choice award will be presented, along with a Rose Choice award and Populace Choice award.

Her Majesty will be viewing the displays and hearing the artisans’ tales at approximately 2PM.  Artisans should drop off items by 1pm and plan to be back by 2PM for the viewing. Populace and Roses are encouraged to view and vote anytime before or after that. Pick up display pieces must occur by 4PM, and the Choice awards will be given at Court!