Besides the usual fighting Heavies, Rapier as well as Youth combat), we have planned numerous activities during the day and evening hours.  On top of the fighting and celebrating our Coronation, you can expect many opportunities to enjoy the day from A&S demos, displays and classes to shopping, volunteering and more.

A&S Activities:

Arts and Sciences – Workshops and classes over several days: both hands-on and lecture series learning opportunities, including a track of classes especially for children and youths

Artisan Village

Period Cooking Interactive Demo – A Period Cooks area where people can observe period cooking methods and sample the fruits of the Caid cooks labor at the end of the day will be running.  These cooks will be feeding the populace on Friday and Saturday.

Youth Arts and Sciences Competition

Historical displays — There will be static displays from territorial and other groups (e.g., peerages, Ladies of the Rose); a memorial hall; a performance area; videos; an interview area, and others.

Salle di Caid Historic Combat – Within the Artists Village there will be a pavilion where the populace can watch historic combat being taught in an historic manner. Masters of Defense and members of the Chivalry will be working with their Students and Squires, following the foundations of the historic masters like Rodolfo Capo Ferro, Joachim Meyer, and The Tower Manuscript to name a few.

There may also be an opportunity for anyone to book time with a Peer of Valor (Knight/MoD) for some one-on-one analysis and practice.

Details will be published as they are finalized.

Combat Activities:

Archery – both Battle and Target scenarios over several days (and some evenings)

Heavy Weapons (SCA Hard Suit) – Fighting over several days: both large battles and tournaments; opportunities for archery and siege weapons

Rapier (SCA Fencing) – Fighting over several days: both large battles and tournaments

Thrown Weapons (target only) – Challenges and games


Youth Combat – Activities over several days: Games and challenges


Merchants – Many shopping opportunities, both hard goods and food courtVolunteering – Amazing opportunities to get involved and help make the event happen

Rustic Camping (bring your own tents and/or pavilions) – Some shade and lots of grass (no electricity)
Shower Facilities – Shower trucks in more than one location on site, hot and cold water
Camp Fires – Enjoy camp fires in raised containers (no fire on the ground, no digging)
Grey Water – Locations for you to haul and dump your washing water from camp (no dumping on ground)
Toilet Facilities – Both “stone privies” with flush toilets and running water sinks and porta-potties facilities located throughout site
RV Parking – Dry RV parking lot reserved for camping trailers (no hookups)